The Earth Association

The earth's soul had been possessed and taken over by the man soul. The man soul was destructive and self-harming. It would torture to gain, only seek self-interest and obliterate anything that would challenge it, through its use of firearms. A mistake that the soul of the Earth had made by giving away the secret of fire... Continue Reading →



Sliding across the sunkissed sky I fell to find that I don't know why everything is perfect the way that it is moonshine and spades, illuminate the way how people make you feel, is their own doing how the moon shines still, its nerve racking every night, after being outshone by the sun its own... Continue Reading →

Sipika’s Sundays

"To be who you are in the present moment is probably one of the hardest most difficult things", she thought as she stared at the sunflower, now picked, already changing tide from being alive to being separated, from the tulips as well as from the Earth of Spultre, that guarded and gave abundance to all... Continue Reading →

The Tulip Association

Sipika went to school in a smoggy stratospheric city, called Splutre. Splutre was a sublime spot in the middle of somewhere and somewhat smelt of smoke and cigarettes, sometimes. Sipika didn't like to be sordid on a simple Sunday morning, so she chose to swipe her stars and check what the day could possibly hold.... Continue Reading →

The road to Healing. Unanswered Questions.

The criticism of human interaction. My truth. For someone who derives so much meaning from every interaction, one does ask the question, is the heaviness what one has created for oneself? The frivolity of some interactions is just what it is. Deriving and attaching value to each one of them could only translate into heaviness and... Continue Reading →

Why I am done

I am not born to live battles and fight. I have been born to this earth to survive and thrive. I cannot keep fighting battles for my minimum basics - electricity, water and my parent's marriage to survive. I now understand why people are stuck in cycles of poverty, you think they don't want a... Continue Reading →

Crank that

Crank that space between your thighs. I'm mesmerised. All I want is your first kiss. Trebles of those finger tips. The bass of you is in full jive keeping time with me in you and you within my soul whispering to my ear lobe babe I wanna know you even more take a deep breath,... Continue Reading →


Disembowelment - for suicide. Cards against humanity has taught me new things, Like the meaning of the word seppuku and also that I hate humans on average, for their lack of concern - for anything beyond them and also, their ridiculous assumption that they can get mad about things and people will do as they... Continue Reading →

Melancholia in the 21st Century

Maybe immunity to the melancholy is what's necessary to survive. But are you really living if you're not seeing through the depth of your emotion?   Maybe I am now immune to the idea of melancholy. To allow myself to feel deeply and so strongly requires that I revel in the sadness, live the emotion... Continue Reading →

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